How To Backup MySQL/MariaDB Daily

The database is an important asset, which usually people forgot to backup. Before something goes wrong prepare your backup, and do the backup before going to sleep tonight. MySQL has a built-in tool to do the backup and restore called mysqldump. mysqldump can’t automate the backup process, but we can create a script to do … Read more

How to Automate WordPress Update

Let say we manage 50 WordPress website which using some server. The best practice for any software is if there’s a stable update we’ll update after sometimes, on my terms usually one week after WordPress release. Manual update is wasting a lot of time because you need to log in one by one and click … Read more

How To Install Latest PHP on Ubuntu 20.04

PHP powered many top websites in the world such as Wikipedia and WordPress. Every Linux distro had PHP repository which makes it easy to install and run PHP scripts. In Ubuntu 20.04 the PHP version is 7.4 and there’s no plan to add PHP 8.0. So we’ll need to use the third-party repository. Depend on … Read more

How To Install Sublime Text in Linux Manually

Sublime Text 4 has been out for a few weeks, a lot of people are happy with the new shine editor. Few changes : – License Changes New license valid for all updates within 3 years of purchase – Tab Multi-Select – Apple Silicon and Linux ARM64 – Context-Aware Auto Complete I no longer need … Read more

How To Install NodeJS 16 Ubuntu 20.04 / Debian 10

Node.js is a JavaScript run time which-build on top of the V8 engine develops by Google. Designed to build scalable network applications. HTTP is a first-class citizen in Node.js, designed with streaming and low latency in mind. This makes Node.js well suited for the foundation of a web library or framework. Update System As usual, … Read more

How To Automated Gitea Update

Gitea didn’t have a built-in script to auto-update itself, so we need to write simple bash script to do the job for us. Since the Gitea only single executable file, we can just grab the latest version from Github, then replace the current one. Take a look at Gitea updater below #!/usr/bin/env bash   … Read more

How to Upgrade Mikrotik using Webfig

Mikrotik is good hardware for cheap, which suitable for most home networks. I’ve been using Mikrotik for few years, the same hardware for so long. Luckily Mikrotik keep push update even to the older version, my Mikrotik even supports the upcoming Mikrotik 7. To able to upgrade the router, we must have admin privileges. Login … Read more

How To Setup OpenVPN in 3 Minutes on Debian 10

This is a guide about how to setup OpenVPN on Debian 10. OpenVPN has been used by a lot of people around the world, many people preferred it over the competitor because of the compatibility and they know it well enough to do what they need. Nowadays there’s an even simpler way to setup and … Read more

How To Install Guacamole Server on Ubuntu 20.04

Guacamole is a web-based remote desktop, easy to use and a little hard to install for the first time. Guacamole has 2 part, first the server part which can installed on any server, and the client which should installed on every client. With the new release Guacamole has new or improved features, such as: – … Read more