How To Install VirtualBox 6.1 on Ubuntu 20.04

VirtualBox is a free and open-source project by Oracle’s. It’s a good alternative to paid VMWare Workstation, few operating systems that VirtualBox support out of box – RedHat – OpenBSD – FreeBSD – Ubuntu – Fedora – OpenSUSE – Windows 7 – Windows 10 – Windows Server On a daily basis, I use a lot … Read more

How to Install LibreOffice 7 on Fedora 32/CentOS 8

The only supported LibreOffice on Fedora 32 / CentOS 8 is LibreOffice 6, but don’t need to worry, because The Document Foundation offering RPM packages directly. To download LibreOffice 7, on browser LibreOffice Download page, if you prefer using CLI Download LibreOffice 7 wget Extract LibreOffice File To reduce download size, LibreOffice compressed using … Read more

How to Install and Configure Nextcloud 19 with SSL on Debian 10

Nextcloud is an open-source and self-hosted cloud application. It’s similar to Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. Nexcloud server only available for Linux, Windows user may install Nextcloud on Virtual Machine. For this tutorial, we will start from scratch, so if you already had some of the software already installed you can be adjusted as needed. … Read more

How to Install Jellyfin on Ubuntu 20.04

These guides explain how to set up the Jellyfin media server in Ubuntu Linux. Jellyfin is a free, cross-platform, and open-source alternative to propriety media streaming applications such as Plex. Jellyfin had subtitle support installable via the plugin, it’s fetch data from website. Jellyfin had a lot of clients, few of them – AndroidTV … Read more

How To Setup Wireguard VPN in 3 Minutes on Debian 10

The benefit of Wireguard – Fast – Available on cross platform (iOS, MacOS, BSD, Linux, Windows, Android) – Robust encryption algorithms It’s only take 3 minutes to install Wireguard VPN on fresh Debian 10. Install wget Install wget apt install wget -y Download installer script Download latest version of wireguard-install wget Install Wireguard After … Read more

How to Install SonarQube 8.4 on Debian 10

SonarQube describe itself as code quality and security. Installing SonarQube maybe a little intimidating for beginner, since it not support SSL by default we’ll need to use Nginx reverse proxy in front. Prerequisites Setup DNS record on your DNS hosting, here’s what I set on Cloudflare We’ll setup Lets Encrypt SSL later after everything installed. … Read more

How to Install VNC Server and XFCE on Debian 10

This tutorial describes how to install and configure a VNC server on Debian 10 step by step. VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a technology to open remote computer anda manage the computer using your own keyboard and/or mouse from local just like you sit on the front of the computer. VNC using GUI just like … Read more