How to Cleanup Docker Images and Volumes

If you are playing around with many docker images, the storage may be fillup in no time. Then it’s time to do the cleaning up of all images and volumes. But please really really careful, because this command will delete everything that docker created, no matter whether it’s still running or not. 1. Delete container … Read more

How To Upgrade Debian to Debian 11 Bullseye

Debian 9 will end of life (EOL) in a few months, if you can’t re-install the Debian and copy the files over then upgrade is another option for you. The first rule before doing an upgrade, back up the important files. The system sometimes failed, but for sure it’ll fail, time will tell when it … Read more

How To Install Elastic Stack 8 on Debian 11

In this tutorial, we’ll install Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash which is usually called Elastic Stack. Elasticsearch is usually used for centralized logging, its competitor like Datadog, Sumologic etc. When installing Elastic Stack, we must use the same version across all applications. In this tutorial, we’ll install Kibana 8.0.1, Elasticsearch 8.0.1 and Logstash 8.0.1, which is … Read more

How to Build and Install Latest Smokeping on Ubuntu 20.04

Smokeping is the old-school tool for monitoring website/IP by using PING. Many ISP around the world rely on Smokeping to monitor their upstream/downstream IP. The stability and low memory foodprint have been my favorite since I know the Smokeping. The latest version of Smokeping (2.8) 2.8.2 at this time, not available on Ubuntu 20.04, so … Read more

How To Install Roundcube Webmail 1.5.x on Debian 11

Roundcube is still around and keeps updated, for self-hosted enthusiast, it’s been one of the best free webmail available. It’s built on top of PHP, so we don’t need to depend on our Linux package to install the latest version, because we can do it manually. For beginners, it’ll take 30-60 minutes. Let’s start the … Read more

How To Build and Testing Fluentd With Docker

Fluentd is used by many companies around the log to process the logs, and then ship them to log collectors, such as Elasticsearch, Datadog, Dynatrace etc. The beauty of using docker for build and testing fluentd, we don’t need to install anything, we can set up different versions and install a lot of plugins without … Read more

How To Install Docker Latest Version on Debian 11

Docker is the most known container technology, which is used by a lot of developers, SRE, DevOps, etc. In the Linux repository, they usually ship the docker packages, but mostly the outdated ones. That is why we prefer the packages provided by Docker itself, which updated instantly after the latest version release. Docker can be … Read more

How To Install TigerVNC on Debian 11

In this tutorial we’ll go through step by step how to install VNC Server on Debian 11, Debian 11 was just released a few days ago, so it’s really hot right now. We’ll cover everything from the ground, so no matter what kind of Debian flavor do you have we can use it for this … Read more