How To Install Postman Latest Version on Linux

Postman is one of the most used API Development tool, in developer tools. Few of Postman features :
– API Client
– Automated Testing
– Design & Mock
– Documentation
– Monitoring
– Workspaces

It can be used for collaborating tools between developers and QA. Even the DevOps/SRE can use Postman to benchmark the API.

Install wget

Install wget using a distro package manager.

sudo apt install wget -y


sudo yum install wget -y

Download Latest Postman

Postman on Linux builds using electron, which uses browser technology behind the scene, so it’s compatible with most Linux distro out there.

wget --content-disposition

download postman latest version

Extract Postman-linux-x64-*.tar.gz

tar zxf Postman-linux-x64-*.tar.gz

It’ll create new folder Postman, run the Postman application using


postman application

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