How to Install LibreOffice 7 on Fedora 32/CentOS 8

The only supported LibreOffice on Fedora 32 / CentOS 8 is LibreOffice 6, but don’t need to worry, because The Document Foundation offering RPM packages directly. To download LibreOffice 7, on browser LibreOffice Download page, if you prefer using CLI

Download LibreOffice 7


download libreoffice 7 fedora 32

Extract LibreOffice File

To reduce download size, LibreOffice compressed using tar. We’ll need to extract that file first

tar zxvf LibreOffice_7.0.0_Linux_x86-64_rpm.tar.gz

extract libreoffice 7 fedora 32

Install LibreOffice 7

sudo dnf install LibreOffice_7.0.0.3_Linux_x86-64_rpm/RPMS/*.rpm -y

wait libreoffice until finished

libreoffice information page

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