How To Install Latest PHP 8 on CentOS 8

The latest version of PHP 8.0 just released few day ago. PHP 8 is the greatest PHP version right know, if you use PHP as your main dev language the 8.0 has many advantages over 7.x version.

Few advantages of PHP 8.0
– Named arguments
– Attributes
– Constructor property promotion
– Union types
– Match expression
– Nullsafe operator
– Saner string to number comparisons
– Consistent type errors for internal functions

the saner string to number comparison maybe the good and bad things, I saw a lot of error due to 0 == 'foobar' // false when using PHP 8 for our internal project. Let’s start the tutorial on how to install PHP 8.0 on CentOS 8 from the beginning.

Keep CentOS 8 Updated

Keep the os updated by updating it regularly

yum update -y

Install EPEL Repository

Install EPEL repository

sudo dnf install epel-release -y

install epel repository centos

Install Remi Repository

For our PHP 8.0 we’ll use REMI repo which already had PHP 8.0, since CentOS 8 wont add support for PHP 8.

sudo dnf install -y

Install PHP 8.0

Install PHP 8.0 on CentOS 8

sudo yum install php80-php php80-php-cli php80-php-gd php80-php-fpm \
        php80-php-curl php80-php-intl php80-php-mysqlnd php80-php-zip php80-php-xml \
        php80-php-mbstring php80-php-bcmath -y

depend on what you need on your application, you might need to install some other module using format php80-php-xxx where xxx is package/module name.

check PHP version using php80 --version
php80 version

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