How To Install Driver HP Ink Tank 115 on Orange Pi Ubuntu 20.04

I’ve multiple Orange Pi and Raspberry Pi which most of them have their own purpose. I’ve one Orange Pi Zero which doesn’t use for anything, so I use that one as a printer server instead.

Cups is the default printer server on Linux and macOS, which is developed by Apple. CUPS supports alot of printer on Linux, but not everything working by default. My go to printer for Linux is HP (Hewlett Packard) printer which has every driver support for Linux. On this setup, we’ll separate in two part
1. Install CUPS on Server
2. Install CUPS on Client

1. Install cups on Orange Pi Zero as Server

My printer is HP Ink Tank 115, which has a driver on Ubuntu Repository.

sudo apt install printer-driver-hpcups hplip cups-pdf

after install cups and HP printer drivers. Enable remote access for cups, because we want to manage cups on Orange Pi Zero via web admin.

sudo cupsctl --remote-admin

Access https://IP-ORANGE-PI-ZERO:631/admin/ on browser, dont worry when error “Your connection is not private” appear on browser, because this is for our local instalation, dont need to worry about that
Your connection is not private
click Advanced button then click Proceed to IP-ORANGE-PI (unsafe)
click to process ignoring error

Add New Printer

Click Add Printer
click add printer
this access need root credential, enter your root credential
pop up sign in cups
click Sign in

Printer Detected

Printer HP Ink Tank 115 detected as HP Ink Tank 110.
HP Inktank 110 series detected
Under Local Printers: choose HP Ink Tank 110 Series USB
HP Inktank 110 series detected
click Continue

For next step click checkbox on Share This Printer
printer default name
click Continue

Printer Model Setting

On this step choose HP Ink Tank 110 Series as model
printer model hp automatically detected
click Add Printer

On Paper setting, left everything as is, we can changes this configuration later
default paper configuration
click Set Default Options

setting printer HP ink tank 115

Testing Printer

Before setting the client we’ll need to test print on this Orange Pi Zero. Click Printer, choose the name of HP Printer which we installed earlier. On Printer settings click Maintenance then choose Print Test Page
printer test page on orange pi

Install Avahi

To able access printer from network, we’ll install avahi wich act as mDNS/DNS-SD, which will make our printer detected by cups on Linux or Android.

sudo apt install avahi-daemon -y

2. Install Cups on Client

Cups support many operating system such as Linux, MacOS, and Windows. On my Laptop I’ve Fedora 32, which will I use as client. First install cups and HP driver

sudo dnf install cups hplip -y

Open the browser http://localhost:631/admin
find new printers from client
click Find New Printers. Click Add This Printer HP Ink Tank 115.

1. Printer name
defualt printer name on client

2. Printer Driver
printer driver inktank hp on client cups
click Add Printer

For the next step set the printer default paper.

Testing Printer from Client

The last step on this tutorial is testing the printer functionality. Open LibreOffice Writer
printing from LibreOffice writer

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